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Politics and Government

In the Dallas Morning News, Art Laffer says 13 years of bad economic policy has diminished the incentive to produce. 

Ralph Benko discusses Jeff Bell’s Senate campaign on The Voice of Liberty. 

From CNBC, Larry Kudlow sounds off on Export-Import Bank. 

Monetary Reform

Nathan Lewis at Forbes.comsays Paul Volcker Dreams of a “New Bretton Woods.” But What Would That Look Like?
Steve Forbes says only a new gold standard will save the U.S. dollar. 
From the Menger Center, Paul-Martin Foss recaps the FOMC meeting, and the hearing on the Federal Reserve Accountability and Transparency Act. 
At, Brian Domitrovic writes Republicans should complete Reagan’s agenda by making the dollar convertible to gold. 
The WSJ reports the Fed has set October for end of bond-buying. 
The Middle Class Squeeze

Rising costs of medication deter consumers from certain pharmaceutical drugs.
Rising prices cause several restaurants in NC to contemplate raising their prices.

NPR says Economists Say Inflation Is Tame; Consumers Aren’t Buying It