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Politics and Government

On Fox News, Art Laffer shares his economic predictions for 2014.

On, John Tamny says the left and the right are wrong about privatizing the Post Office.

Monetary Reform

Art Laffer tells Business Insider he was wrong about inflation and the Fed.

From, Nathan Lewis says the new Laissez Fair Books edition of Copernicus’ On Minting Money edited by Ralph Benko and Charles Kadlec has many gems.

In Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen refutes Milton Friedman on the resource cost of the gold standard

On TGSN Ralph Benko debunks Paul Krugman’s anti-gold caricature of Adam Smith.


ATR presents a list of all the tax cuts enacted by GOP Governors from 2011-2013. Republican Governors have provided over $38 billion in tax relief within that span, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is notably absent from the list.


On Fox News, Steve Forbes and John Tamny discuss new worries that Obamacare will lead to government bailouts for health insurers.

In International Liberty, Dan Mitchell warns the looming Obamacare bailout for corrupt companies could be worse than TARP.