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Politics and Government

The best biography of Keynes ever written? The UK Spectator’s Matthew Walther reviews “Universal Man by Richard Davenport-Hines.”

Readers who think of Keynes as a man of the left will be astonished to learn how sceptical, at times even contemptuous, he was of the spirit of ’45 (‘The Labour party will always be flanked by the Party of Catastrophe — Jacobins, Communists, Bolshevists’) and how fiercely he opposed deficit spending and punitive taxation even at the height of the war.

From, John Tamny challenges the Doomsayers in an erudite stroll through some history of bad monetary and tax policy.

From, Ralph Benko praises David Boaz’s new book The Libertarian Mind as the gold standard in libertarian writing.

In the Washington Post, Matt O’Brien, channeling John Lennon, argues that Ted Cruz’s flat tax couldn’t work in your Imagination. 

Monetary Reform

Paul Krugman in his NY Times blog, attacks APP monetary director Steve Lonegan for inviting Alan Greenspan to keynote the APP Jackson Hole symposium, calling Greenspan “the worst ex-Fed chairman in history.”

From, John Tamny shows how Uber exposes confusion inside the Fed.

In the WSJ, David Malpass says the Fed rate forecast is cloudy with a chance of slower growth.

In The Economist, Buttonwood says the Fed is weighing jobs over the dollar.

CNBC covers the rate hike debate.

Jared Bernstein on the strong dollar, its impact on growth, and the TPP

From TGSN, Ralph Benko presents part 8 of his interview with Lewis Lehrman.