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Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko writes Rand Paul has emerged as the successor to Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

From, Norbert Michel explains how government policies caused the financial crisis and made it worse.

At, Ralph Benko supports awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to Rep. Charlie Wilson, Joanne King Herring and Gustav Avrakatos.

Monetary Reform

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio among 30 Senators sponsors of Audit the Fed.

The Empire Strikes Back.  Alan Blinder in the WSJ explains why Congress should butt out of the Fed’s business.

At, Nathan Lewis says when the Fed is confused about gold, we have some work to do.

Jennifer Kimberlin: US should return to gold standard to improve economy, Daily Toreador.

At National Review, Larry Kudlow writes after Romney, the GOP needs to work on crafting a message of incentives, sound money, and growth.

Rush Limbaugh critiques the Fed.

In the WSJ, Alen Mattich says the currency wars are heating up.

In the WSJ, Gregory Zuckerman, Laurence Fletcher, and Chiara Albanese discuss how currency tumult is stoking big bets.