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Politics and Government

Rep. John Delaney, president of the House freshman Democratic class, rides the Laffer Curve.

From, Steve Forbes points out that profits are indispensable for prosperity, rebuts Thomas Picketty.

In, Peter Ferrara contrasts JFK and Reagan era growth with the poor Obama and Bush record.

At, Ralph Benko writes Harry Reid’s neo-McCarthyist vilification of the Koch Brothers begs for Censure.

In The Washington Times, Stephen Moore says Thomas Picketty is recycling Carter-era policies.

Monetary Reform

In The WSJ, Allan Meltzer explains how the Fed fuels the coming inflation.

Reuters reports that gold falls a big 1.4% on Yellen testimony.

The NY Sun welcomes the Coolidge Dollar, and discusses President Coolidge’s support for gold.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko shares how Rembrandt’s painting The Money Changer attests to gold’s effectiveness as the vehicular language of commerce.


At US News and World Report, columnist Peter Roff calls for major tax reform.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell details growing threat of a wealth tax.