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Politics and Government

Peter Roff, in the Washington Times, decries a new $50B Chinese patent fund as a mercantilist front.

In the WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath reports the fed’s growth forecasts are unattainable under current Fed policy.

Monetary Reform

The Ridgewood Blog notes that Steve Forbes and Steve Lonegan have teamed up to mend the Fed and restore a classical gold standard.

American Principles in Action launches Fix the Dollar Dot Com

From National Review, Stephen Moore and Norbert Michel write the Fed can’t fix the economy.

In, John Tamny reflects on what Mises has to teach us about ISIS.

From the Menger Center, Paul-Martin Foss rebuts the St. Louis Fed’s message that Americans are hoarders.

CNBC believes the jobs bombshell has raised questions of new weakness in the economy.

The WSJ writes a slowdown in hiring has lowered the growth outlook.

In the WSJ, Professor John Taylor explains why returning to a rules-based monetary policy is the ‘nice’ thing to do.

The Big Squeeze

Households see electricity prices rising at record levels