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*Executive Editor Jon Decker honored to be mentioned in the acknowledgments section of Ralph Benko, Charles Kadlec, and Professor Malsbary’s new ebook “Essay on Money”, which details Nicolas Copernicus’s article On The Minting of Coin

Politics and Government

On Fox News, Steve Forbes and John Tamny discuss income inequality under the Obama administration.

In, John Tamny states China’s ghost cities have nothing on the U.S.

Monetary Reform

In Daily Finance, Jay Jenkins believes The Fed is choosing Bank of America profits over your savings.

In Reuters, Ann Saphir reports Chicago Fed Chairman Charles Evans is open to December taper.

From Quartz, Matt Phillips writes suddenly everyone is talking about Fed tapering again.

On CNN Money, Jesse Solomon details Bill Gross’s concerns with quantitative easing.

On TGSN, Kathleen Packard describes the flaws in Venezuala’s “Maduronomics”.


W&M Chair Dave Camp’s efforts at tax reform run into hurricane force headwinds

ALEC reports that 18 states cut taxes and prospered

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell details progress on the Laffer curve.


From, Nathan Lewis details Japan’s long slide into overtaxation.