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A Conservative Explains Why Conservatives Should Love AOC

By Ralph Benko

Excerpt from Transpartisan Review:

To the best of my knowledge there are four certified (or at least certifiable) right wing nuts who love on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Number One is Steve Bannon. He unflinchingly praised AOC to Politico as reprised by Business Insider:

“AOC has what I call ‘gameness’ or competitive heart — the combination of grit, determination, fighting spirit that you can’t coach. You either have it or you don’t, and she has it big league.”

Bannon has a jeweler’s eye for political dynamics and talent. He also has a full measure of what psychologists call Fearless Dominance. He calls ‘em as he sees ‘em.

Number Two? Scott Adams. Per Politico:

“The self-described democratic socialist has also caught the attention of ‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams, a prominent pro-Trump voice on social media who began insisting in the summer of 2015 that the real estate mogul would win the presidential election, based in part on his belief that Trump had mastered the principles of hypnosis.

“In November, Adams, who has studied the art of persuasion, gave Ocasio-Cortez an A+ grade on her persuasion skills in a tweet.”

As myself a master of hypnosis (recognized by the oldest, largest, and most respected professional association of nonclinical hypnotists, the National Guild, as one of the world’s top ~100 hypnotists) I assure you that Adams here speaks with authority.

Number Three is a young conservative Jedi (and, by avocation, rapper) not long ago promoted from padawan status. He is closeted in his devotion to AOC for fear of becoming a political pariah and having his right-wing wings clipped. I refrain from doxxing my cautious protégé.

And then there’s me. A few years ago I was extolled by Washington Post Magazine humorist Gene Weingarten for presenting myself as “the second most conservative man in the world” for my gold standard advocacy.

In the words of the Bard: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!  Have I finally drifted from Supply-Side provocateur to heretic to sacrilege? Maybe not.

We report.
You decide.

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