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In the past decade and a half, under both Republican and Democratic presidents, U.S. economic growth has diminished to roughly 2% annually—a significant decrease from its Post-World War II average of 3.5%. 

This subpar growth rate has come at tremendous cost to American families, household incomes, employment opportunities, investment, and poverty levels. Above all, the lack of growth has led some to doubt the attainability of the American Dream and to wonder if our current economic climate is the new norm. 

We are here to change that. 

We believe that under the right set of policies, our economy will double its weak growth rates and unleash an era of immense prosperity for all Americans. 

We hope you will join us in promoting this optimistic vision for America’s economic future. 

Our focus is simple: 

•We want to turn America around and restore American exceptionalism. 

•We want provide new hope, growth, and opportunity for everyone. 

•We believe this is the great challenge of our time. 

Therefore in pursuit of rapid growth, we support the following principles: 

1. A broad-based, low rate, flat tax 

2. Limited government spending 

3. Less regulation 

4. Sound money 

5. Free trade 

6. Rule of constitutional law

We believe these building blocks will restore American prosperity, and we are dedicated to promoting economic growth and opportunity for all.