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Alan Greenspan: China tariffs are insane.

Policy and Government

Alan Greenspan: China tariffs are insane.

Dow wipes out all of its gains for this year.

FAANGs lose $1 trillion in value.

Stephen Moore: The danger of the modern left.

John Tamny: Why my Thanksgiving feast will be cheaper and healthier than your organic meal.

John Tamny mocks concerns over Russia’s Facebook “meddling”.


Brian Domitrovic: The Trump electorate found a hole in Republican economic policy.

Nathan Lewis at on the occult gold standard.


Director Kudlow: The Trump tax cut is paying for itself.

Jordan Weissman: House Democrats are already pursuing a dumb tax stunt, and the left is very annoyed.


Chuck Devore at delves into how federal forest mismanagement is the major contributing factor to the California fires (and why blaming the fires on climate change is fatuous)….

Dan Mitchell
 mocks DC’s plan to regulate play groups.

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