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Andy Puzder: What Trump-haters don't get about the incredible power of American capitalism.

Policy and Government
Andy Puzder: What Trump-haters don’t get about the incredible power of American capitalism.
WSJ: Oil is fast approaching $70/ barrel.

John Tamny discusses the biggest victims of the China tariffs.
CNBC reports that OMB Director Mick Mulvaney is heartened at 2.9% growth, up from the 1.6% growth Trump inherited, a level Mulvaney said they had not expected to achieve until 2020.
IMF believes dark clouds are looming over the global economy.
Donald Boudreaux and Veronique de Rugy: This earth day, celebrate a world cleaned by capitalism.
Jeff Jacoby attacks earth day doomsayers.
Edward Hudgins: It’s time to abandon earth day.
Nathan Lewis: If you like the euro, love the gold standard.
Steve Forbes: Republicans should run on the Trump tax cuts.
National Review says we should make the Trump tax cuts permanent.
Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. and Ryan Young: Congress should lock in President Trump’s deregulatory progress.

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