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Art Laffer reminds us that Joe Biden voted for Reagan’s ‘86 tax act

Policy and Government

At Daily Journal, Stephen Moore makes the case for free trade.

At Reason, J.D. Tuccille reports on the groundswell of grassroots opposition to lockdowns.

Per NBC News, more than two-thirds of undocumented immigrant workers have frontline jobs considered “essential” to the U.S. fight against Covid-19, according to a new study released Wednesday by pro-immigration reform group FWD.US.


Art Laffer reminds us that Joe Biden voted for Reagan’s ‘86 tax act.

Per The Wall Street Journal, “New York state lawmakers may act this month to raise taxes on high-income people.”


At The Hill, Marc Scribner makes the case against infrastructure and transportation regulations.

At The Wall Street Journal, Rochelle Toplensky details the problems with new tech regulations in Europe.

Monetary Policy

At Alt-M, James Dorn makes the case for closing the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending facilities.

At the Mises Institute, Ryan McMaken systematically details this year’s historic growth in the money supply.

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