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Policy and Government

Arthur Laffer: Even a small trade war will hamper U.S. economic growth.

Amazon eats the Big Apple.

Republicans worry tariffs will diminish tax cut message.

“A handful of corporations have been raised to a level of legal untouchability hitherto only bestowed upon certain diplomatic missions and royalty,” says Dan Shefet, “the Paris lawyer who gives Google nightmares” on NPR’s All Tech Considered


Nathan Lewis: After 34 years, we have a bill to relink the dollar to gold.


“These tax cuts are a big deal” for West Virginia family.

Congress to vote on whether to make tax cuts permanent.

Tax Foundation: President Trump’s tariffs could offset 25% of 2018 tax cuts.

Top 20% of American families will pay 87% of all federal income tax revenue.

Sugar tax takes effect in UK.