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Arthur Laffer: Revenues are rising in response to the tax cut!

Policy and Government
On Fox News, Arthur Laffer says revenues are rising in response to the tax cut!
John Tamny introduces us to his new book “The End of Work”, available for purchase here.

Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario Lopez praises the DACA discharge petition:
“The Hispanic Leadership Fund applauds Republican Representatives Carlos Curbelo, Jeff Denham, and Will Hurd in leading the charge to having an open and robust debate in the House of Representatives about a legislative fix addressing DACA recipients and other Dreamers.
“The best research proves that Dreamers are making a positive impact to our economy by graduating schools, joining the workforce, and starting their own business in faster rates than non-immigrant Americans.  Addressing their situation in a constructive way will allow them to continue contributing to the American economy and is therefore in the best interests of our great nation as a whole.”
On CNBC, Dan Mitchell discusses stock buybacks.
In The Hill, Alfredo Ortiz discusses President Trump’s historic jobs achievement.
Gizmodo reports that Bill and Ted Face the Music is in pre-production!  The Wyld Stallyns to the rescue, Civilization will be saved.  Most Excellent!
NPR reports Zora Neale Hurston’s ‘Barracoon’ Gets Published, More Than 60 Years Later.
At Economics 21, Mickey D. Levy gives insight into winding down the Fed’s balance sheet.

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