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Policy and Government

On Fox Business, Arthur Laffer says the Trump economy is strong despite slow growth overseas.

On Fox Business, Stephen Moore says ignore the pessimists, the middle class never had it so good.

On Fox Business, Steve Forbes celebrates middle class wage gains.

Supply Side Blog editor-in-chief and Capitalist League Chairman Ralph Benko, at Newsmax, breaks the good news that the Doom-And-Gloom-mongers in Washington, celebrity scientists, and cable and network TV are ignoring — this is best time in human history.

Reason praises Amity Shlaes’ new book Great Society.


On the Dom Giordano program, Stephen Moore details the success of Trump’s tax cuts.

From Fox News, Alfredo Ortiz says the media was wrong about Trump’s tax cuts.

From Fox Business, Grover Norquist says Trump’s tax cuts are helping the middle class.

Prof Steve Hanke and Josh Blustein, in The Washington Times, reflect on Julius Caesar’s political tactic of promising the rank-and-file Romans lots of free stuff paid for by squeezing the rich, suggests that today’s progressives reflect on how badly it turned out for him, and for Rome.


At BizPacReview, Stephen Moore slams the Fed’s plan to create a real-time payment system that competes against the private sector.