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Policy and Government

From Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek writes economic growth will lead to a higher trade deficit.


From Economics 21, Peter Ireland writes the next Fed chair should play by a rule.

Inflation since 2000


From Fox News, Arthur Laffer supports GOP corporate rate reduction, agrees with Club for Growth’s critiques.

At Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says the Senate wants to get tax cuts done this year.

In The Hill, Senator Cruz says it is a mistake to raise tax rates.

From Politico, Brian Faler reports the Joint Committee on Taxation is throwing cold water on the Republican plan.

At Townhall, John Stossel gives a formula for simpler tax simplification.

On Real Clear Markets, Jon Decker believes the Republican tax bill betrays Kemp’s legacy (tax cuts for all).

From Townhall, Terry Jeffrey shares his concerns on the Republican tax bill.

From National Review, David Bahnsen explains why tax cuts are in trouble.


From, Norbert Michel discusses his proposals for reforming financial markets.


In the WSJ, Paul Hannon reports Eastern Europe’s economy is soaring.