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Arthur Laffer: Tariffs are a negotiating position.

Policy and Government
Arthur Laffer: Tariffs are a negotiating position.
Visual Capitalist shows the top export of every country.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore discusses President Trump’s trade policies.
From, Ralph Benko discusses JP Morgan’s “Hotter than Hades” remarks on inflation data.
At California’s Humbolt County Times-Standard, Financial Advisor Nick Bertell provides an elegant and thoughtful history of the manipulation of the dollar and its reserve currency curse.
Reported by Central Banking, “China has now transited to a new growth model and has a stable enough leverage ratio for it to be bolder in its reforms and liberalisation, People’s Bank of China (outgoing) governor Zhou Xiaochuan said today.”
CNBC reports President Trump wants a ‘Phase II’ to his tax cuts.

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