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Atlanta Fed Slashes Q3 Growth Estimate, Hiring Slows in September

chartPolitics and Government

Reuters reports Atlanta Fed slashes Q3 growth estimate.

At AP, Christopher Rugaber reports U.S. hiring slows in September.

At ATR, Grover Norquist believes the media has distorted Pope Francis’ economic message.


From, Nathan Lewis discusses the politics vs. reality of monetary reform.

At Liberty Street Economics, Thomas Klitgaard and James Narron recap the Panic of 1857.

From Bloomberg, Liz McCormick rehashes Credit Suisse’ analysis of why the dollar will remain strong—US economy could spur additional ECB, BOJ stimulus.


In the WSJ, Stephen Moore says to block the budget-busters.

Dan Mitchell says its time for candidates to unveil their plans to rein in spending.


Investor’s Business Daily believes proposed ozone regulations put millions of jobs at risk.

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