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Biden Budget Buster Destroys Over 8 Million Jobs

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #397
1) Biden Budget Buster Destroys Over 8 Million Jobs

The job-crushing tax hikes are obvious, but far less attention has been paid to the devastating reduction in workers due to the huge grab bag of new welfare programs in the Bernie/Biden bill, each of which creates a work disincentive.

CTUP senior fellow and University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan – whose work famously forced the CBO to acknowledge Obamacare would result in millions of job losses – has run the numbers on the House version. Here’s what they look like:

The full paper is here:
2) It’s Official: Climate Change Summit Is The World’s Greatest Ever Shakedown

We don’t debate the “science” of climate change on these pages, but we’ve been skeptical for many years that any of the edicts from all of these government muckity-mucks will do anything to change the temperature of the planet. We wish they would concentrate on more mundane things that they actually have control over – like balancing the budget and making sure the lights stay on.

We’ve also suspected that the international climate change agenda is really just a shake-down by poor countries to get wealthy countries (the U.S.) to pay them billions of dollars. Now our suspicions have been confirmed: here’s the headline from the Wall Street Journal:

The WSJ explains the heist this way: “The poor countries have presented the world’s wealthiest countries with a bill: more than $750 billion ANNUALLY to pay for poorer nations to shift away from fossil fuels.”

Why wouldn’t the alliance of poor countries shoot for the moon here? After all, the rich countries over the last decade have already forked over close to half a trillion dollars to the African, Asian, and South American countries since the Paris Climate Accord in 2013 to combat global warming. (Think how many millions of people might have been pulled out of poverty with half a trillion dollars.) 

There are only about a dozen or so people in the entire United States who would be fool enough to be duped into paying this King’s ransom of trillions more. Unfortunately, those happen to be the 12 officials in the Biden administration (led by climate czar John Kerry) who are jetting over to Glasgow in the days ahead to negotiate yet another climate change treaty.

And why not? The first six have worked out so well. 

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