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Biden Gets a “Win”

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #363
09/03/2021, 09/04/2021, 09/05/2021, 09/06/2021
1) Biden Gets a “Win”

Yay! At least SOMEONE is going to increase oil production. Wish it were us! Instead, we will import more oil at $68 a barrel from the Saudis, while Joe wages a war on American energy. Brilliant.
2) Wall Street Journal Claims UI Benefits Don’t Increase Unemployment

Please pardon us if you have seen and heard us make this case about 1,000 times before, but we feel compelled to repeat ourselves because the WSJ news side had a story this week contending that the bonus unemployment benefits have not encouraged people to stay unemployed.

That is, as our elders used to say, malarkey.

As CTUP senior fellow Casey Mulligan notes, “Even the studies the WSJ cites show a small but negative effect of the benefits on employment.” Surveys of employers show that the main reason workers won’t come back on the job is the government is paying them more to stay on the couch. This must have SOMETHING to do with the fact that there are still 5 to 6 million fewer Americans working than in 2019 even though 10 million jobs are open.

AND, the red states with lower unemployment benefits and that suspended their unemployment benefits earlier have much lower joblessness.   

The WSJ’s analysis reminds us of the old Groucho Marx line: “Who you gonna believe? Me or your own two eyes.”

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