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Biden’s “Dark Winter” Begins

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #204
1) Biden’s “Dark Winter” Begins

As Joe Biden begins his presidency, we wish him well for the sake of the country. He has been handed off an economy that is ready to soar in 2021 thanks to the vaccine. Goldman Sachs and other economists are predicting 6 to 8% growth in 2021. 

Alas, little we have seen so far inspires much confidence that this will be a centrist administration, such as that of Bill Clinton. 

In just the past two weeks, we have seen the Democrats hold a sham snap impeachment of Trump in the House; a call to cancel the Keystone pipeline; a pledge to reenter the worst treaty of all time, the Paris Climate Accord (as China rolls over laughing behind our backs).

Oh, and don’t forget the absurd $1.9 trillion COVID debt bomb bill that has little to do with public health and a lot to do with payoffs to Democratic interest groups like teacher unions, green groups, bailouts for bankrupt blue states, and a job-killing $15 an hour minimum wage which the SEIU has been demanding.

Next to come is a $2 trillion tax hike, a rollback of Trump’s energy independence initiatives, the Medicare public option, and a big push for DC and Puerto Rico statehood.

As Biden lurches the nation to the left, he and the media are making a big call for unity. Unity or surrender?
2) Lest We Forget What Was Accomplished

President Trump gave a videotaped farewell address from the Oval Office this week as his administration ended. None of the major networks were willing to air it and it appeared in full on outlets such as Newsmax TV. The networks did air Obama’s farewell address. 

We at CTUP are proud to have played a role in these economic accomplishments – including the tax cuts, deregulation efforts, and the energy independence agenda. CTUP founders, Kudlow, Laffer, Forbes, and Moore all advised Trump on these policies. 

Our view is that Trump is a Shakespearean tragic figure. It is critical to separate Trump’s accomplishments from his behavior. The left wants to conflate the two. 

Here is a good piece that summarizes the Trump economic miracle.

Trump Departs from Andrews Air Force Base

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