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Biden’s “Georgia Tax” Will Cost Average Georgia Family Nearly $4,000 a Year

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #190
1) Biden’s “Georgia Tax” Will Cost Average Georgia Family Nearly $4,000 a Year

Do Georgians really want a Biden presidency with virtually no checks and balances on his radical “progressive” economic agenda?

The Biden-Pelosi-Schumer agenda isn’t exactly Sherman’s March through Atlanta, but our just-released study at Committee to Unleash Prosperity estimates a net income loss of roughly $3,900 per year on the typical Georgia family – with most of these funds transferred to the blue states in the northeast and west coast. These financial losses are like a special “Biden Tax” on Georgia families and far eclipse any gain of an additional $600 or $2,000 per person federal “stimulus” checks.  

Only two other states – Texas and Florida –stand more to lose from the Biden economic war on the South than Georgia.

This analysis does not even include the impact of repealing the Trump tax cuts. A new study by the Goodman Institute estimates those costs at $39,000 on the average Georgia household over the next decade.

We just thought Georgians might want to know what might want to know of the financial storm that is headed directly toward Atlanta.  

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