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Bloomberg: Gold is moving into the mainstream

Toi_250kg_gold_barPolicy and Government

In the WSJ, Russ Roberts warns the ‘dismal science’ has too much junk science. 


At Bloomberg, Michelle Jamrisko reports Americans are talking about the gold standard again.

“George Gilder thinks gold-standard ideas are on the way back whatever the politicians do. Founder and chairman of the Gilder Technology Group and a bestselling author who helped popularize supply-side economics in the Reagan era, he says the trillions of dollars that fly around global currency markets every day are a “bizarre abuse of capitalism,” sucking vitality out of the real economy.”

In The Daily Caller, Kathryn Watson reports Audit the Fed is nearing a vote in the House. 

At FT, Sam Fleming and Shawn Donnan warn devaluing the dollar will lead to retaliation. 

From Alt-M, George Selgin gives part 4 of his monetary primer. 

Market Monetarist warns money is tight. 

Jacob Lew says currency wars are hurting the global economy. 

In the WSJ, James Mackintosh says a weaker dollar doesn’t necessarily mean higher stocks. 


In the WSJ, James Carter and Ernest Christian explain why foreigner buyers are snapping up US companies.


In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn says excess government spending is leading to slow global growth. 

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