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Policy and Government

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek explains why tariffs do not have their desired effect on steel.


At MarketWatch, Brett Arends reports Director Kudlow is all that stands between us and a currency war.

Throwback: Director Kudlow’s final advice before jumping into the administration was “sell gold, buy the dollar.”

John Tamny at AIER, on The Myth of Chinese Currency Manipulation:

“Not only is it naively asserted by the uninformed that the Chinese keep the value of the yuan artificially low, it’s also said that they “manipulate” their currency. In truth, China does what just about every country in the world does: it strives to maintain a tight relationship between the yuan and the dollar.”

In the National Pulse, Jon Decker is concerned about rising gold prices signaling trouble ahead for global economic growth.

On CNN, Steve Hanke discusses the Fed’s rate cut announcement.

Reuter reports the Fed is in the crosshairs as economic growth falls short.