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Brian Domitrovic discusses the strange popularity of tariffs

Policy and Government

Paris Treaty unintended consequences? Smithsonian reports that a critical CO2 shortage is threatening Britain’s beer and crumpets supply.

Catherine Rampell at the WaPo warns China could develop an anti-US alliance.

Dan Mitchell discusses the economic ramifications of a trade war with China.

Becoming American Initiative launches push for immigration reform.


Brian Domitrovic at points out how unusual it is for tariffs to be popular for the majority of Americans and attributes it to “container ships, blighted towns, shuttered factories, and the attendant opioid/suicide crises are major real things. We have them because we got rid of the monetary system of the ages, the gold standard, without a thought in 1971. But how would we know that, given that any mention of gold in the fashionable punditry and educational circles is tantamount to losing one’s reputation?”

John Tamny at extends his argument that the Fed is irrelevant.


In the National Pulse, Jon Decker says Governor Murphy & Steve Sweeney are the ‘Shaq and Kobe’ of bad economic policy.

From, Patrick Gleason reports millionaires are fleeing California after tax hikes.

From Fox News, Alfredo Ortiz explains how the latest jobs report shows tax cuts are working.

Dan Mitchell at International Liberty throws shade by revealing how heavy the world tax burden has grown.

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