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Brian Domitrovic eviscerates Politico’s Tim Noah for his review of Jack Kemp: The Bleeding Heart Conservative Who Changed America

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At, Prof. Brian Domitrovic eviscerates Politico‘s Tim Noah for intellectual high crimes and misdemeanors in his New York Times Sunday Book review essay on Kondracke and Barnes’s new biography of Jack Kemp.

At NPR, Wade Goodwyn notes Ted Cruz continues to advocate for the gold standard.

From, Tim Worstall says the U.S. economy is about to boom again.

In RealClearMarkets, John Tamny lambastes Ralph Benko as anti-supply-side for concern about the $10T Trump tax plan deficit.


From MarketWatch, Paul Krugman says “Meh” is the grade the Fed gets on QE.

At, Tim Worstall believes QE worked.

From Fortune, Simon Constable explains how the Fed’s schizophrenia is holding back the economy.


The WSJ reports the failure of Obamacare’s co-ops are punishing insurers.

From NPR, Fred Mogul says confusion and high costs are hampering Obamacare enrollment.

The NY Post wonders if President Obama’s veto of the keystone pipeline is a sign of things to come.

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