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Brian Riedl chronicles the liberal hysteria over Trump's tax cuts.

Policy and Government
Round 1: Director Kudlow V. Dr. Krugman!
From, John Tamny explains why Amazon isn’t killing retail.

Warren Coats is of the opinion that the blockchain probably doesn’t “have any advantages to outweigh the many disadvantages that can’t be achieved quicker, cheaper and more securely with central registries operated by trusted third parties.”
At Townhall, Perianne Boring at Townhall makes the conservative case for the blockchain.
Seeking Alpha shows how completely the dollar is maintaining its reserve currency dominance.
From G-Coin, Ralph Benko tells us why gold is a more reliable store of value than diamonds.
In The Weekly Standard, Brian Riedl chronicles the liberal hysteria over Trump’s tax cuts.
In The Hill, Stephen Moore bashes the omnibus.
Ralph Benko, at, extols Mikhail Gorbachev for, among other things, his noble fight against the Soviet bureaucracy.

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