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Bruce Yandle calls for a rules-based monetary policy to get us off the Fed’s “recession roller coaster.”

4749010442_e653f6cf3b_qPolicy and Government

Dan Mitchell gives his thoughts on income inequality.

From TIME, Daniel Pearson debunks the Trump/Clinton protectionist rhetoric.


Bruce Yandle, a distinguished Mercatus Center adjunct professor of economics at George Mason University at US News and World Report, calls for “going to a gold standard or commodity money,” a fixed growth rate of the money supply, or a Taylor Rule to get us off the Fed’s “recession roller coaster.”

The NY Sun concurs with Donald Trump’s remarks on the “false economy.”

In the WSJ, Ben Eisen tells the Fed to beware, because the economy is looking weak again.


In the WSJ, Gary Shapiro wonders if the Feds will block the driverless car.

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