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Capital Research Center does a comprehensive report on the Vast Leftwing Conspiracy’s slush fund.

Policy and Government

Capital Research Center does a comprehensive report on the half billion dollars in dark funding the Vast Leftwing Conspiracy receives – easily dwarfing anything on the right.

On Fox Business, Arthur Laffer explains why he prefers to work in the private sector.

Brenden Borrell at OneZero gives a closeup view on the slow motion environmental apocalypse from humanity’s having dammed two-thirds of the longest rivers in the world.

David Leonhardt in The NY Times builds the case for human capitalism by noting the correlation between thriving small cities with colleges.


From Business Insider, potential Trump Fed nominee Judy Shelton says the ideal inflation rate is 0%.

Chris Whalen at The American Conservative fears the Fed is stoking inflation.

At CNBC, James McCormick of Fitch Ratings frets that the dollar could lose its reserve currency status, a risk regularly overblown but not inconceivable.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore discusses the Fed’s U-turn on interest rates.


The Economist finds Google innocent of charges of left-wing bias.


At, Steve Hanke says Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamed is going for gold.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny encourages us to visit China before considering it an enemy.

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