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Supply Side News: Steve Moore vs. Paul Krugman at FreedomFest; Larry Kudlow criticizes Hilary Clinton’s capital gains tax scheme; Dr. Richard Rahn devotes most of Immutable Money to George Gilder’s new monograph, “The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money.”

*** FreedomFest Title Match*** Steve Moore vs. Paul Krugman Politics and Government Matt Bai, at Yahoo, highlights Clinton economic guru Robert Shapiro’s discovery that “the American Dream that’s

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Tuesday Update: Ralph Benko presents the profound implications of Heritage Foundation raiding Steve Moore, “the most influential Supply Sider of his generation,”; Cook Political Report details the myth of the independent voter; Brian Domitrovic writes under Obamacare individuals will forgo labor for leisure time.

***Congratulations to Ralph Benko on being nominated “Non-Profit Blogger of the Year” for the Lehrman Institute’s Gold Standard Now!  The nominees were selected by

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