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Policy and Government

CNBC reports growth in the service sector of the economy slowed considerably in September.

Drudge features “What happened to Trump’s boast of 4%, 5% or even 6% growth?from Marketwatch’s Rex Nutting.

Jason Bram at the New York Fed’s Liberty Street Economics ponders why Puerto Rico rebounds while the American Virgin Islands languishes.

Phil Harvey at RealClearMarkets say that If the U.S. Retreats from Capitalist Policies, the Poor Will Pay. 


Barron’s reports an October rate cut appears in the cards after manufacturing contracts.

CATO releases journal on urgent monetary matters.

In the American Spectator, Bob Luddy bashes the Fed’s 2 percent inflation target.


Ike Brannon and David Kemp in Regulation discuss approaches to surprise billing in the medical system where recipients of services can get walloped by unexpected bills for treatment out of network.