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Policy and Government

From Quartz, Dan Kopf warns killing free trade would eliminate a highly effective deterrent to war.

At, Tim Worstall reports jobless claims have fallen to the lowest level since records began.

From, Tim Worstall warns ignoring WTO rulings America doesn’t like would be a YUGE mistake.


At FX Street, Axel Merk wonders if America’s exorbitant dollar privilege is at risk.

At Project Syndicate, Carmen Reinhart says the world is addicted to dollars.


At ATR, Celeste Arenas explains how downsizing the regulatory state will upsize the economy.

In the WSJ, Clark Havighurst believes Trumpism can unleash more health care competition.

From, Tim Worstall says Wendy’s and Target are clear examples that a higher minimum wage leads to job loss.