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David Webb praises the Senate’s delay of August recess

Policy and Government

In The Hill, David Webb praises the Senate’s delay of August recess:

Before it became the popular battle cry of some Republican senators and congressmen it was Stephen Moore, Larry Kudlow, yours truly and the SiriusXM Patriot audience that led this #NoSummerRecess call. We started with tax reform, and we will accept healthcare reform but not take our eyes off the multiple issues they need to resolve in Washington.”

On Fox Business, Arthur Laffer says Obama-era policies are still holding the economy back.

Entropy Economics reports tech titans are seeking more political involvement in their industry.

Stephen Moore discusses the GOP’s health care bill.

Peter Ferrara breaks down the policy similarities between President Trump and Ronald Reagan.

At Reason, Deirdre Nansen McCloskey debunks the myth of technological unemployment.

From, Tim Worstall wonders which of Paul Krugman’s beliefs he may no longer hold.

At, Tim Worstall explains how Jeff Bezos is making us richer.

On Real Clear Markets, Jon Decker argues millennials aren’t Marxists-In-Training.


In the NY Times, Fred Minnick asks ‘will President Trump kill the bourbon boom?’

In The Guardian, Patrick Wintour reports that the EU threatens a modern Whiskey Rebellion by tarriffing bourbon — a major product of Senate Leader McConnell’s Kentucky — if the US imposes steel tariffs.

From Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore explains why Greens hate nuclear power.

Photo Credit: Martin Falbisoner

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