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December Unemployment: Red States Trounce Locked Blue States – Again

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #209
1) December Unemployment: Red States Trounce Locked Blue States – Again

At the top of the chart are South Dakota and Nebraska at 3.0% unemployment, which means they have more jobs than workers to fill them! Congratulations to Governors Kristi Noem and Pete Ricketts, who held firm against destructive lockdowns even during serious COVID outbreaks in the fall. The virus receded and they didn’t paralyze their economy.

Look at the states with the worst job performance? A sea of blue.  

We’ve said it many times before: America is not in an economic crisis. Blue state America is in a self-inflicted crisis. 

Why should taxpayers in the states that are open and booming bail out the locked-down basket case states? The only stimulus this economy needs is lockdown governors to get out of the way, and fortunately…

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