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Policy and Government

Director Kudlow: Trump is ‘obsessed’ with achieving 5 percent economic growth.

In the NY Post, Seth Lipsky praises Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore’s new book “Trumponomics”.

Arthur Laffer: Trump’s first term is the best ever.

Trump trade tensions could slow down economy.

George Gilder discusses ‘Life After Google’.

Singularity Hub reports on Google’s AI in practice:  ““The good news is that AI can now give you a more believable image of a plate of spaghetti. The bad news is that it used roughly enough energy to power Cleveland for the afternoon.”


Paul Volcker: Reagan ordered the Fed not to raise rates.

The secret lives of central bankers.


How one CEO is giving his business’s tax cut back to American consumers.


Stephen Moore bashes Medicare-for-All.


Trump administration brings new health insurance options to the market.