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Does Reaganomics Need an Update?

reaganFrom The Washington Post,

Reaganite stalwarts Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore recently formed a group called the Committee to Unleash American Prosperity to push candidates to advocate traditional Reaganesque economic policies. 

“Our concern is that vision — what we’d call the Reagan vision — is not shared by everybody” in the GOP, said Larry Kudlow, an influential conservative economic strategist and former Reagan administration official who is also leading the group. “One reason that the GOP has been losing is that Reagan’s message has not been used.”

Republicans roundly agree that their party needs an updated economic message to improve their chances at retaking the White House. They are looking for new ways to critique Democrats on the economy now that the recovery from recession is accelerating. 

Doug Holtz-Eakin, a former top adviser to 2008 nominee John McCain, said crafting policies to benefit the middle class is essential for the party’s chances in 2016. “If we’re going to play on the same turf we’ve always played on, we’re going to have a beautiful set of policies for aging white guys in the South,” he said. ‘That’s not going to work.‘”



Unleash Prosperity Hotline


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