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Donald Trump asks if he should index capital gains for inflation.

Policy and Government

Visual Capitalist provides an infographic with the 25 best quotes from Warren Buffett.

Visual Capitalist shows us the world’s largest energy sources.

Yahoo reports Q2 growth revised to 2%.


From, Nathan Lewis corrects the record for Team Gold.

At CATO, George Selgin discusses the gold price rule.


Donald Trump asks if we should index capital gains for inflation.

On Real Clear Markets, Ted Cruz and Grover Norquist say we should index capital gains for inflation to keep the economy growing.

Steve Forbes says we should index capital gains for inflation.

Phil Kerpen says Trump should do it.


Robert Draper, at The New York Times Magazinemeticulously reveals the process by which “Medicare for All” was pushed from the political fringe to become Democratic Party doctrine.


Good Regulation: The Smithsonian reports that Nepal begins to cure its Tragedy of the Commons by prohibiting single use plastics on Mount Everest and cracking down on permitting rules, including raising the climbing permit fee from $11,000 to $35,000.

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