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Dr. Judy Shelton appointed executive director of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development!

Policy and Government
Congratulations Dr. Judy Shelton!
At Alt-M, George Selgin remembers Leland Yeager.

From Bloomberg, Shira Ovide discusses how big tech created $736 billion in one year.
At Project Syndicate Michael Boskin presents a lucid overview of tech policy.
At Project Syndicate, Stephen Roach says that USTR Section 301 report on China is a biased and embarrassing political document.
At PS, Anatole Kaletsky suggests that pragmatism is trumping populism worldwide.
At Alt-M, Tate Lacey reports Fed Vice Chair nominee Richard Clarida may favor NGDP targeting.
At, Steve Hanke says keep your eye on broad money.
Ahval reports that Turkey is heading unilaterally to a gold standard. Do President Erdogan’s advisors know how it’s done?
At, Grace-Marie Turner and Doug Badger call for repealing the Obama-era ban on renewing short-term health insurance plans.
At, Steve Hanke asks “What North Korean Economic Crisis?”
Investor’s Business Daily discusses Finland’s failed experiment with universal basic income.

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