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11339398686_c6b3f595ab_qPolicy and Government

A rerun, on the occasion of the canonization of Mother Teresa, Ralph Benko writing in in 2013 about his 1979 personal encounter: Everything I Know About Good Economic Policy I Learned From Mother Teresa.

Larry Kudlow says JFK would be a supply-side Republican today.

In the NY Sun, Ira Stoll reveals what many won’t admit about JFK and Ronald Reagan.

Ralph Benko, our editor-in-chief, says Meet the Moorebot: little droid Steve Moores?

Real Clear Books previews “Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity.”

At, Scott Winship writes twenty years after welfare reform, child poverty is at an all-time low.


From DailyMail UK, Dominic Sandbrook reports there is trouble ahead for the euro.


Larry Kudlow says Hillary Clinton is ignoring JFK’s tax lessons.

Photo Credit: India7 Network