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Fed Board of Governors believes the economy is strengthening…but the Atlanta Fed disagrees.

Policy and Government

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow calls the AHCA a good first step, lists some tweaks he would like to see.

On Fox Business, Charlie Gasparino reports on the differences of economic opinion in Trump’s inner circle.


At The Washington Post, Ana Swanson claims the Fed is raising rates amid signs of a “strengthening economy” – But the Atlanta Fed just downgraded its first quarter GDP estimate to less than one percent. Which is it?

At Politico, Danny Vinik discusses Trump’s monetary tug-of-war between ‘radical monetary thinkers’ and Wall Street.

At FT, Eric Platt says junk bonds are under threat from a hawkish Fed.


Larry Kudlow notes that Donald Trump’s interview on Fox News sounded like an endorsement of the ‘Forbes Flat Tax.’


In The Washington Times, Rick Berman says minimum wage hikes lead to higher unemployment.

Photo Credit: International Monetary Fund

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