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Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged

the fedPolitics and Government

In The NY Sun, Conrad Black sums up con brio the candidates and the 2016 race thus far.

From, Ralph Benko details Donald Trump’s 12 radical campaign secrets.

In PJ Media, Scott Ott calls Jack Kemp the “most influential Republican who never became President.”

Monetary Reform

From CNBC, Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged!

The NY Sun, Congress and the Fed, calls for the Congress to enact the Brady-Cornyn Centennial Monetary Commission.

From, John Tamny wonders why people are so focused on the whether The Fed will raise rates.

From, Nathan Lewis describes how very well Friedman and Mundell understood the technical workings of the gold standard and how readily it can be restored today.

The NY Sun covers the melodrama at The Fed.

At the Washington Post, Toles, the resident political cartoonist, gives a hard tweak to the Fed, showing it peering into a toilet bowl and wondering if the wage-price spiral will reverse.

The Washington Post‘s Bob Samuelson writes about the scarcity of economic growth, the roll of the massive productivity shortfall in that, and wonders whether the late Mancur Olson’s theory about special interest rentiers could be the cause.


The Wall Street Journal outlines Jeb Bush’s tax plan.


In The Washington Times, Stephen Moore shows how pension costs are draining Illinois’ bank account.

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