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Federal Judge Strikes Down Ban on State Tax Cuts

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Issue #320
1) Federal Judge Strikes Down Ban on State Tax Cuts

We were first in line back in March protesting the Biden “stimulus plan” ban on states’ cutting taxes to revive their economies.

So we’re pleased to report that Ohio attorney general Dave Yost won a victory in federal court late last week, when U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Cole granted an injunction against any Treasury Department enforcement of the provision of the $1.9 T American Rescue Plan Act that prohibits states from using funds under the act “directly or indirectly” to cut taxes.

Judge Cole wrote: “The Court finds that the Tax Mandate exceeds Congress’s power under the Constitution. The Court further finds that Ohio has met the conditions for injunctive relief to prevent the ongoing harm that this violation is causing. Thus, the Court PERMANENTLY ENJOINS the Secretary from enforcing the Tax Mandate against Ohio.”

Read the full decision:

Let’s hope this emboldens other states and localities to deploy “COVID relief” funds to boost their economies by cutting taxes. 

Congratulations Attorney General Yost!
2) Maryland State Judge Orders Unemployment Bonuses

Meanwhile, in Maryland unemployment bonuses didn’t end when they were scheduled to this past weekend.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Fletcher-Hill granted a temporary restraining order requiring the bonuses to continue, and yesterday the Maryland Court of Appeals, dismissed the governor’s appeal.

It’s an absurd court decision as Governor Hogan points out:

“There are record numbers of jobs available, and this program is making it harder to fill them, and hurting our restaurants and small businesses. The White House and the U.S. Secretary of Labor agree that governors can take this action, and most already have. We are…fighting to get more Marylanders back to work to continue a booming economic recovery.”

In the meantime, Maryland’s small biz labor shortage continues.

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