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Fred Smith explains how trade made America great.

1_times_square_night_2013Policy and Government

In the WSJ, Fred Smith explains how free trade made America great.

On Fox News, Rick Berman explains how the Employee Rights Act would boost worker paychecks.


The NY Sun slams Paul Krugman’s attack on Ted Cruz’s call for a gold standard.

Steve Forbes says Krugman is “wrong, wrong, wrong” about money.

At The Pulse,  Ralph Benko refutes Paul Krugman’s attack on Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan on the gold standard.

Steve Hanke says the arguments in favor of currency devaluation are confused.

From Business Insider, Janet Yellen says the Fed is in no rush to raise rates.


From, John Goodman believes Trump is scoring points with the public by embracing tax reform.

In the WSJ, Scott Winship says the Clinton/ Sanders tax plans wouldn’t raise enough revenue to cover their proposed spending plans.

The WSJ reports Yale’s liberal professors are about to get schooled on income redistribution.

In the NY Sun, Ira Stoll wonders what Connecticut’s tax scheme will mean for Yale.

Photo Credit: Chensiyuan

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