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Friday Highlights: John Tamny lists three things the gold standard won’t do; Ralph Benko amplifies a report at Quartz that it is the Fed, not the GOP, behind wage stagnation

The Cato Institute will hold its 32nd annual monetary conference on Thursday, November 6. Featured speakers include Steve Forbes, James Grant, and Judy Shelton. Click here to register

Politics and Government

At, Rick Ungar detailswhy the Obama economy v.s. the Reagan economy is literally no contest.

Monetary Reform

From, John Tamny liststhree things the gold standard won’t do.

Ralph Benko at amplifiesa report at Quartz that it is the Fed, not the GOP, behind wage stagnation.

Caffeinated Thoughts saysSteve Lonegan and Steve Forbes have launched the money revolt.

In the New Yorker, Vauhini Vara discussesthe Federal Reserve’s ‘considerable’ dilemma.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko presentspart 1 of his interview with Steve Lonegan on the gold standard.

The Middle Class Squeeze

OPEC to raise prices by the end of the year.

Clover Inc. decides to increase prices in response to shrinking profits. Rising costs of dairy and packaging as well as a dip in demand are thought to be the cause for the price spike.


Wendell Brock covers Switzerland’s golden opportunity. 

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