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Friday Update: George Will on Congressman Kevin Brady’s Sound Dollar Act; Lewis Lehrman on how the gold standard increases savings. John Tamny on John Allison’s book “The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure”

Politics and Government
George Will, in the Washington Post, praises JEC Vice Chairman Kevin Brady’s Sound Dollar Act
Monetary Reform
On TGSN, Lewis Lehrman shows how the gold standard increases savings.’s John Tamny reviews Cato’s John Allison’s new work, The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure. “Allison’s solution to the Fed, something this reviewer agrees with wholeheartedly, is to abolish it in favor of a gold standard. “ 
At Four Percent Growth, Carl Schramm discusses “the truth and the dismal science” in economics
From India, FirstPost says “So here is a prayer from this author who prefers the calm and discipline that a gold standard brings…let Romney win the election, let the gold commission be formed….”
From Forbes, Nathan Lewis states that no financial crisis was ever caused by stable money. 
NY Sun calls on Romney to focus on the dollar in the debate.

Visual Capitalist provides an infographic on the history of gold and its value as an investment. 

On TGSN, Ralph Benko, drawing form Arab News, reflects on the reserve currency status of the dollar. In Forbes, Ralph Benko also writes that Mitt Romney should ask for Bernanke’s resignation on day one. 
APP’s Rich Danker, writing in IBD: The Federal Reserve during Obama’s term has held its key interest rate close to zero by purchasing trillions in government debt securities with newly created money. These purchases, according to investor and public intellectual Lewis Lehrman, are “in effect a subsidy by which to finance the government deficit and to refinance bank balance sheets.”
On Fox News, Art Laffer weighs in on looming tax hikes


The The Hunterdon County Democrat writes on a countywide drop in NJ pension payments. 
Pratville Progress articulates the need for pension reform in Alabama. 

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