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Friday Update: John Tamny praises Lawrence Hunter’s new book “Taxed to Death”; Ramesh Damani interviews Jim Grant on the Fed’s distorted financial picture.

Monetary Reform

From CNBC, Ramesh Damani interviewsJim Grant on the Fed’s distorted financial picture.

At The WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath giveshis takeaways from the Fed’s meeting.  

In MarketWatch, Diana Furchgott-Roth explainshow the Fed is hurting seniors.

The LA Times believesJanet Yellen is improving transparency at the Fed.

From International Liberty, Dan Mitchell sayswe should help the poor by focusing on economic growth via reforming the Federal Reserve. 

At TGSN, Ralph Benko saysliberal Harvey Gold misunderstands the gold standard.


From, John Tamny praisesLawrence Hunter’s new book “Taxed to Death: A Concerned Citizen’s Guide to How the Income Tax & IRS Harm Everyone in America

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