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Friday Update: ***Special Edition TSS Janet Yellen Nominated to Chair Fed***

Monetary Reform

In The NY Times, Binyamin Appelbaum describes Yellen’s path from liberal theorist to ‘Fed Voice for Jobs’.

On, John Tamny writes Obama’s nomination of Janet Yellen is a blow to recovery-starved Americans.

Congressman Kevin Brady congratulates Yellen on her nomination.

On Townhall, Peter Schiff says goodbye dollar, Yellen’s single mandate to ease suffering.

From The Washington Post, Ylan Mui and Zachary Goldfarb recap the ‘quiet patience’ that paid off for newly-appointed Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

On The Economist, R.A. anticipates a Federal Reserve clown show.

From The LA Times, Andrew Tangel writes Wall Street expects Yellen to continue Fed’s easy money policies.

At The Financial Post, Gordon Isfeld says Yellen’s appointment comes at a critical time for U.S.

The WSJ discusses Janet Yellen’s appointment to Federal Reserve Chairwoman.

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