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George Gilder gives his “10 Laws of the Cryptocosm”.

Policy and Government

From Townhall, George Gilder gives his 10 Laws of the Cryptocosm’.

In the WSJ, Andy Kessler discusses George Gilder’s new book “Life After Google”.

In the Providence Journal, supply-side gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Feroce discusses blockchain.

 “This rare opportunity has been called by technology visionary George Gilder “the Cryptocosm.” It promises to have an economic and social impact as powerful as computers, computer chips, the internet, the World Wide Web and fiber optics, all of which revolutionized the way we live and created trillions of dollars of new wealth and millions of great new jobs across the economy.”

From, Gerry Frigon asks if we are entering a new age of optimism.

Director Kudlow says China has no intention of making a trade deal.


In the Washington Examiner, Alan McQuinn and Daniel Castro say regulations deprive innovation.

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