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Have Republicans Lost Their Fiscal Minds?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #314
06/25/2021, 06/26/2021, 06/27/2021
1) Have Republicans Lost Their Fiscal Minds?

There’s a reason Republicans are called the “stupid party,” and it is because they keep falling into Democratic traps. The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill resembles much less a compromise than a white-flagged surrender as Biden gushes that he has won support for the “biggest infrastructure bill in American history.” 

We are hard-pressed to find even the slightest policy concession that could be considered a “win” for the five Senate Republicans who negotiated the deal.  

The $1.2 trillion price tag itself, in the wake of Biden’s absurdly expensive $1.9 trillion blue state bailout, is at least five times what is needed to fix roads and bridges. Only 20% of the money goes for real infrastructure. 

AND, Republicans caved on their most prominent promise: to kill any infrastructure bill that raises taxes. Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and House majority leader Chuck Schumer announced about 11 minutes after the handshake deal was sealed that they will stuff their $2 trillion tax hike into a separate “reconciliation bill” that Biden promises to the Bernie Sanders-AOC wing of the party will be passed with only Democratic votes.  

This was a “double cross,” as the WSJ put it, and shame on Republicans Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Bill Cassidy fell right into the Biden trap. The table below shows the spending priorities. 

We have some other puzzling questions:
– Why didn’t Republicans insist that ANY infrastructure bill include a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline – which is hugely popular and costs taxpayers, not a dime?
– Why would they agree to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars for Green New Deal programs the GOP have been ridiculing for years?
– Why in the world would Republicans agree to double the size of the IRS and tens of thousands of new Deep State IRS auditors who will target conservatives. Remember Lois Lerner?
– Why would they agree to $49 billion for “the largest investment in mass transit in American history,” which comes on top of the tens of billions that the previous Covid bills already gave to the transit agencies for running empty buses and subways during the pandemic?
– Why would they resurrect the massive $50 billion policy flop under Obama of high speed rail for trains to nowhere?   
– Why did they agree to billions for Teslas and other electric vehicles and even pay for recharging stations around the country? The government didn’t pay for private gasoline stations.
– Why are Republicans agreeing to the largest bailout of Amtrak in history? Privatize it!!
– Why did they agree that virtually all of the workers who are hired for these trillion dollar projects will be unionized another multi-billion dollar gift to Big Labor?
– Why at a time when the Biden $6 trillion national bankruptcy agenda is floundering with voters massively turning against it, would Republicans throw him this lifeline?

Our highest priority will be to kill this outrageous betrayal of limited government/fiscal conservative principles. 

$1.2 Trillion Monstrosity
Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

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