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200-Million Chinese Subject To China’s “COVID Hell” Lockdowns

More evidence that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, is a Maoist tyrant dictator with zero concern about liberty or human rights.

He has now doubled down on his “Zero Covid” fantasy in opening the Communist Party’s conference on Sunday. He says this iron fist approach is necessary to save lives. He also boasted the policy has added to China’s influence on the international stage. He must be getting advice from Anthony Fauci.

In reality, the policy has failed on all levels, including the slowing of outbreaks. Despite the testing of every citizen several times a week, nearly two hundred million people (one out of seven people) are in lockdown in China. Health workers have resorted to barricading buildings, trapping truckers on highways, and halting supply chains.

At least some courageous Chinese citizens are starting to rebel. On Thursday, this banner was unfurled on the Sitong Bridge in Beijing. It is translated as follows:

“We want food, not PCR tests. We want freedom, not lockdowns. We want respect, not lies. We want reform, not a Cultural Revolution. We want a vote, not a leader. We want to be citizens, not slaves.”

We hope Americans are paying attention to the total failure of the full-lockdown scheme. It is imposing grave misery on its citizens. What is frightening is that here in the U.S. there are still many Democratic governors to this day who defend lockdowns and want to reimpose them the next time we have another virus.

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